I have been teaching at UC Berkeley since 2002. ERG offers only graduate degrees (Masters and PhDs), so my classes are all taught at the graduate-student level.


  • Present2002

    Social Science Research Methods

    Epistemology, Sampling, Surveys, Interviewing, Content Analysis, Participant Observation, Comparative Method, Case Study Method, Ethics.

  • Present2004

    Water and Development

    The Politics, Economics and Policy of Water and: health, sustainable development, participatory development, gender, financing, privatization, transboundary cooperation.

  • Present2014

    First Year Master's Seminar

    This class has two parts: (i) developing and preparing a research proposal and (ii) reading and discussing a selection of ``Environmental Classics``.

  • Present2014

    Community-Driven Development

    Theory and case studies of community-based and participatory development approaches in the developing world

  • 20142008

    Information and Communications Technologies for Development

    This seminar class reviewed the current literature and debates on Information and Communication Technologies for (or and) Development (ICTD). This was an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented course that drew on insights from institutional economics, sociology, engineering, computer science, and public health.

  • 20082003

    Environmental Classics

    From Rachel Carson to Michael Pollan: non-academic books and papers that have framed our thoughts on nature, culture and resources.